We consider the protection of the information concerning the Users of our Website a matter of utmost importance so we make every effort to help you feel safe as you give us your data while using our websites. This Privacy Policy explains the rules and the scope of our processing of your personal data, your rights and our responsibilities as the data controller.


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  • ADDRESS: Koleczkowo 84-207 Kamieńska 35 Polska
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MaxiStore processes the personal data of the Website Users to properly perform the contracts concluded within the websites,,, and website on through is provided online shop (hereinafter the “Website”). This means that such data are needed in particular for: conclusion of the contract settlements, shipping of the goods ordered by the User, the User to exercise any consumer rights they may have (e.g. contract rescission, statutory warranty). Only for Users buying MaxiEcu, MaxiLcv and MaxiElm sets in addition to: creating a User Account necessary to download the software, User Account update, sending information about changes in the User’s Account.


1.In the case of purchases (conclusion of the contract, settlements, shipping, consumer rights): first and last name, shipping address, telephone numer, e-mail address, only if you rescind the contract or we acknowledge your complaint and the refund is to be paid directly to your bank account, please specify the bank account number so that we can make the refund.

2.In the case of sending a notification (contact/ applications forms): first and last name, telephone numer, e-mail address.

3.In the case of User Account (creating account, update, sending information): first and last name, telephone numer, e-mail address.


We retain your data until the:
1.Termination of the legal obligation obliging to process User’s data, the possibility of pursuing claims related to the contract by either party ceases
2.User Account on the Website is deleted. The User Account may be deleted at your request but also if you withdraw the consent to the processing of your data, object to the processing of your personal data or require that they be erased.
3.Our systems will only retain such archival information about your transactions where data retention is related e.g. to any claims you may have, for instance under statutory warranty or in connection with the legislation binding upon us.


We apply state-of-the-art technical and organisational measures to ensure high level of protection of the processed personal data and to secure them against unauthorised access.

In accordance with the law, MaxiStore will only use your personal data where MaxiStore has a lawful basis to do so. MaxiStore disclose your personal data to external third parties for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. Based on the lawful ground that it is necessary to the legitimate interests of providing you with our services and/or in order to perform our obligations under our contract with you.

Users’ personal data will not be in any way communicated to third parties otherwise than for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, which in particular means that they will not be shared with other entities for the purpose of transmission of third-party marketing materials.

The Website Users’ personal data are not transferred outside of the European Union.


Personal data are processed in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) of 27 April 2016.

We process your personal data with your consent, expressed at the moment of registering on the Website and at the moment of confirming a transaction made on the Website.

Your consent to the processing of your personal data is completely voluntary but failure to give the consent makes it impossible to register on and shop through the Website.

In connection with our processing of your personal data, you have the following rights:
1. You may at any time withdraw your consent at any time without stating the reason. The request may pertain either to a selected purpose of processing or to all purposes of processing.
2. You may at any time require that we erase your data without stating the reason.
3. You may at any time object to the processing of your personal data, whether completely or in respect of a selected purpose.

Note: Important for MaxiEcu users – the account is necessary to download the software. If you withdraw your consent to all purposes of processing, require to erase, object to the completely processing your User Account on the Website will be deleted and your data will no longer be processed by us.