Workshop equipment

The stamped and signed license in physical form certifies the legality of the origin of your purchase. Our system will increase the competence of your workshop. A rich database of functionalities lists all the possible service and diagnostic procedures. Check it yourself in the “Functions search” tab on the page of the selected product.

Vehicle equipment

Take care of your and your passengers’ safety. Being a user of a vehicle you can find out if it is working properly and does not require the intervention of a mechanic. Thanks to our system you can test the effectiveness of the components without disturbing the connections of the elements. You will not lose your vehicle warranty and you will be prepared for a possible visit to the workshop.


We are working on the introduction of a software version for mobile devices with IOS and Android systems. Currently, we have in our offer a set that meets the mobility aspect in the form of an 11- inch, dedicated tablet. It is based on the Windows operating system and also tested for operation with MaxiEcu.



The MaxiStore Customer Support, apart from providing assistance to the users of our products, also allows you to place an order and check its status. Due to the location of our headquarters, customers from the Tri-City have at their disposal the MaxiStore delivery along with the presentation of the product operation. In the near future, we will expand the area of availability of this service.



We offer kits suitable for servicing passenger cars, vans and for basic engine diagnostics via the OBD2 system. MaxiEcu requires a device with the Windows operating system to operate. If you are not equipped with one, we offer sets with dedicated computers.



The design of the software makes it possible to adjust the optimal composition for an individual user. Each module corresponds to one brand of vehicles. They can be completed over time or all available immediately. Before placing an order, you can carefully check the scope of support for specific vehicle models.



Professionals value records above all, and the owners praise the intuitiveness of service. In the event of an occurrence, each customer has at his disposal in the scope of using the service as well as constantly updated changes in communication settings. It is possible to make suggestions for creating places to create the system.