Warranty and support

Before proceeding with sales, the online store is comprehensively checked for compliance with the MAXISTORE quality criteria. These include strict requirements regarding the standard of service and the appropriate organisation of sales aspects. The resulting safety is appreciated by customers in many countries. Transaction quality and buyer protection are trusted worldwide.

Warranty terms

The offered hardware has a two-year warranty and the MAXIECU software has a lifetime
warranty. In both cases it is the manufacturer’s warranty. If your hardware does not work as
it should, please contact us and indicate the reason for your dissatisfaction. If we cannot
solve the problem remotely, we will ask you to return it together with your proof of
purchase. You will receive a working copy or yours will be repaired. In this case, we will
cover the shipping costs. After the warranty period, potential repairs to the interfaces are
available (subject to charge), so you can get help at any stage of use.

Scope of support

In addition to possible repairs or replacement of equipment, we also offer assistance with
the use of our products. You may seek advice from our employees who are daily users of
MAXIECU via e-mail or by phone. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or write
us. More related information can be found in the “Contact & Cooperation” tab.


Consumers have 21 days from receiving the goods to declare to us that they are withdrawing
from the contract, thereby cancelling their purchases. They do not have to give reasons for
this. If you are sure of your choice, you should use the “Return Form” on the “Contact &
Cooperation” tab..To meet the deadline, it is sufficient to send the declaration before the
deadline expires.
Return shipment should include a complete set as received after purchase, in a condition not
exceeding the standards of proper use.
When purchasing digital content, for example software downloaded to the consumer’s
computer after the purchase, the right of withdrawal does not apply if the provision of the
service (i.e. the downloading of the content) has begun with the consumer’s express consent
before the expiry of the withdrawal period and after the vendor has informed the consumer
of the loss of the right of withdrawal. Downloading the MaxiEcu software from the customer
panel excludes the possibility of returning the licence (this is digital content). The interface is
not subject to those regulations (it is not digital content), so its use does not affect the
possibility of return.
Legal basis:
Act of 30.05.2014 on Consumer Rights (Journal of Laws Item 827)