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The subject of the offer are OBD1 – OBD2 adapters dedicated for MaxiEcu interface (formerly MPM-COM), compatible also with other popular devices. They allow to communicate with older models of vehicles that have not yet been equipped with the standard interface. Their length is about 35 cm and the robust design and high quality cable make it will work well in the workshop and as vehicle accessory. Below is a price list with discounts for our customers.

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Variant Price
Renault 59 (tax included)
Extender 54 (tax included)
Citroen/Peugeot 69 (tax included)
Peugeot/Citroen 65 (tax included)
Opel 54 (tax included)
Nissan 59 (tax included)
Mercedes 54 (tax included)
LT/Sprinter 54 (tax included)
Honda 59 (tax included)
FIAT 54 (tax included)
BMW 54 (tax included)
VW 54 (tax included)
Iveco 69 (tax included)
FCA SGW BYPASS 94 (tax included)
All adapters 499 (tax included)