Workshop equipment

The stamped and signed license in physical form certifies the legality of the origin of your purchase. Our system will increase the competence of your workshop. A rich database of functionalities lists all the possible service and diagnostic procedures. Check it yourself in the “Functions search” tab on the page of the selected product.

Vehicle equipment

Take care of your and your passengers’ safety. Being a user of a vehicle you can find out if it is working properly and does not require the intervention of a mechanic. Thanks to our system you can test the effectiveness of the components without disturbing the connections of the elements. You will not lose your vehicle warranty and you will be prepared for a possible visit to the workshop.


To check the supported vehicles and service procedures, simply select Sets and then “Functionality search”. General information about our system can also be found there. Customers can also report their requirements for adding specific options to the MAXIECU through the form on the Contact and cooperation subpage. This gives direction to future updates. By going to Offers and orders, you can also check the sales portals where we offer our products. At the bottom of the page, there is a link to the YouTube channel where we show how to check the capabilities of the MAXIECU, purchase a set, and provide many other materials. If you have any questions, please contact us at 536 544 672. The helpline besides providing assistance to MAXIECU users also allows you to place an order and check its status.



MAXISTORE has the longest customer support hotline, available 10 hours a day from 8am to 6pm. We offer our knowledge, support in using the MAXIECU system and vehicle maintenance. Due to our location, customers from the Tri-City area have access to MAXISTORE delivery with product presentation. Only our distribution delivers physical forms of the license with a stamp and signature. The only distribution that offers dedicated tablets for the MAXIECU FULL version and covers for the interfaces. Check the quality of our customer service and support on sales platforms or on Google search. Everywhere we have the highest ratings. Only MAXISTORE immediately addresses any issues related to MAXIECU. We are not a corporation so we take personal responsibility for the brand name with our own capital.



The MAXIECU vehicle service system offered for passenger and delivery vehicles is manufactured from start to finish in Poland. The company’s history dates back 15 years and continues to this day, so you can be sure of the continuity of updates and support. Each MAXIECU set includes a legality certificate in the form of a license. According to our research among products in this price range, there is no competition with such a high quality standard, range of functionality, and legality guarantee. The MAXIECU software design allows for optimal customization for each individual user. Each module corresponds to one vehicle brand. They can be assembled over time or purchased all at once.tation of the product’s operation.



Keep an eye on our promotional activities on social media platforms. You’ll find the appropriate links at the bottom of the page. We organize the KAWALKADA segment during car events, where you can get trained on how to use MAXIECU and even win your set in a competition. If you’re too far away, you can watch the live broadcast on our Twitch channel. You’ll find all instructions and information on our Instagram. Besides promoting the brand, our goal is to liven up car spots and meets to better integrate the car community. See you there!